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Kane Forrester

I feel hesitant to write this testimonial for James as he's now my best kept 'secret' when it comes to trailers for our indie games. He is one of those freelancers you don't need to spoon feed or be overly prescriptive to in order for him to 'get it'. I've found he's worked wonders with some of my most basic suggestions and turned them into something engaging, exciting and on brand. A+, 5 stars, would trailer again.

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Phil Duncan

We've worked with James on various Overcooked related projects now, from trailers to promo videos, his worked has always impressed us with it's originality and style. His familiarity with the game and the engine meant he was often able to capture great shots without any input from us whatsoever and use them to produce work to a fantastic quality. He's a pleasure to work with, can't recommend highly enough!

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James did a great job for us working on the video material for Yoku's Island Express. He is a skilled and dedicated craftsman who always bring a high level of professionalism to his work.

Mattias Snygg


Phil Clandillon

James went above and beyond when creating the trailer for PC Building Simulator’s Esports Expansion. He worked directly in the Unity editor, setting up his own cameras and delivering great shots which really did the script justice. He was a pleasure to work with, and responded to feedback swiftly and thoroughly.   We were super pleased with the trailer and we’re looking forward to working with James in the future.

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Suzanne Wallace

James's technical ability shines when you realize how much work and consideration he put into scene setting, and so effectively that it's almost unnoticeable in the finished trailer. He was easy to work with across multiple rounds of feedback with several parties, and the final result is a trailer we're incredibly proud of.

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James is incredibly talented and very easy to work with. He's quick to respond and receptive to feedback and really dives into the games before the editing process begins. A+++ would make video game movies with again.

Connor Bridgeman


Ena Berbic

It was an absolute pleasure to work with James. He delivered a great trailer we are proud of for Dice Legacy and he has been super flexible to take on feedback and make changes. We are definitely going to work with him on our next project as he Is very skilled, professional and punctual.

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Working with James has always been such a pleasure.     He brings a strong work ethic, creativity, and self-motivated attitude to every project he works on. The boundaries of the task at hand are rarely his limits as he applies a deep well of passion to his work. His devotion to the field is shown in his ability to provide brilliant pieces of content despite any technical limitations he might face. If you're looking for endless creativity and fresh perspective, I cannot recommend James any more highly.

Trevor Collins

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