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Corfiz started from my two passions, games and video. I've been editing videos in gaming for over a decade and have been doing so professionally since 2016. During this time I've had the pleasure of working on many amazing titles from various genres, whilst working as an in-house editor. It was the variety of games I worked on and my love for indie games that made me decide to seek out my own projects, and offer my skill-set to everyone.

When I make a video the first thing I'll do is play the game. From there I'll work with you and we'll create a shared vision for your video together. I'll capture the footage either in-engine or straight from the game itself, in order to build an edit. To see some of my work head over to the projects page. If you have any question please feel free to contact me!


Trailers - Capturing the core of your game, using gameplay, animation and working directly in engine.

Marketing Assets - Delivering pre-roll, b-roll and high quality screenshots.

Crowdfunding Videos - Get your vision across to help bring in backers.

Sizzle Reels - Show off your company with a montage of the products it offers.

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